Your security is a priority for us

What do in Bankia for your security?
Here at Bankia, we want to guarantee your security and ensure that you can do your banking with total peace of mind.

Every time use more devices in our day by day. So much the tablets as especially the smartphones are had become objects that us accompany at all times. In them, store numerous personal information as our contacts, images, messages, location, bank details, etc. That is why we, we must put in practice a series of special measures to protect them.

Public wifis surely they are sure?
The public nets Wifi usually are free and attract to millions of users. However, are especially insecure. When connecting to this type of nets, do not know who is the manager or with what security measures account (the majority of the times are very weak). This does that, also, be very easy for a cyberfelon create a network that it supplants to the actual one to achieve that you connect you and obtain confidential information. That is why, is necessary to know what risks entails connect to this type of nets and what security measures can put in practice to protect you.