About Us


Bankia Bank is the leading financial establishment providing high-quality international banking services. Our success is attributed to our loyal customers and to the talent and dedication of our professional and skilled employees. We are always ready to partner with you by offering full financial support to our clients worldwide. At our bank, you can easily order a credit card customized for your financial goals and needs and set up your banking account in a few clicks. Our objective is to grow the international business of the Bankia Bank Group through excellence in customer service and innovative solutions in trade finance, commercial banking and asset management. Banks are intertwined in people’s lives, integral to their communities and have the resources to create change. At Bankia Bank, we are a force for good. In every action we take, from a teller greeting a customer to our leadership formulating the next step for our company, we strive to do the right thing. We’re independent and family-owned, and focused on the long view instead of the next quarter. It’s been our recipe for success for generations. Our mission is grounded in building and maintaining long-term relationships by delivering a superior customer experience. We believe in and live by our mission and core values: Integrity in every interaction. Respect for our employees, customers and shareholders. Passion for all that we do. At Bankia Bank we know how important it is that banks play a positive role in the global economy and society. We believe that a sustainable bank must be consistently profitable, but not solely concerned with making a profit. Whether you’re looking for finance to start a business, grow to the next level, or stay ahead of the competition, we’re delivering greater volume and choice of finance.



Financial Consulting 75


Online Reporting 80

Online Banking 75


24/7 Support 95