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Consumer Loans

We offer flexible loan terms to finance a variety of needs including the purchase of cars, trucks, boats and other recreational equipment. We're here to help you make the right decision when making your purchase. Our loans feature competitive interest rates, no pre-payment penalties, customized terms to fit your situation, and optional credit life & disability insurance.


Advantages of the 36-month Growth Deposit
The 36-month Growth Deposit is a 3-year deposit with quarterly interest payment and an attractive interest rate that increases every year.

Overall APR for the 36 months: 0.03% (TIN overall 0.03%):

1st year TIN: 0.01% APR: 0.01%2do year TIN: 0.03% APR: 0.03%3rd year TIN: 0.05% APR: 0.05%

Its main advantages are:

One or more deposits allowed, no minimum or maximum amount of contracting. immediate liquidity, you can recover your investment at any time. No administration or maintenance fees or commissions. Automatic renewal at maturity


Personal Banking

Free credit card carrying out a purchase a year.Service of overdraft.Direct debit bill payment service.Withdraw cash free of charge in Bankia ATMs and until four times a month by client with your card Debit_ON in Euro6000(1) and Banco Sabadell. You will have at your disposal more than 17,800 ATMs.All the discounts and profits of the service ?FOR BEING YOU?.
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